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Greensburg's Main Street Memories brings the past into the present in the form of photos, videos and detailed information about historical sites, abandoned buildings and tunnels, newsworthy events and other relevant stories related to the history of Greensburg and Westmoreland County.

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A Message From Lost Westmoreland Media Group

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Greensburg's Main Street Memories Facebook Page

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A new Facebook page on Greensburg's Main Street Memories has been launched in response to technical changes that will affect the existing group on the social networking website. Existing members and non-members alike are encouraged to add our new page by clicking here. Anyone else who isn't a Facebook user but want to join our page, then click here to sign up for a free account.

Welcome to the all-new Greensburg's Main Street Memories!

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Hi, I'm Gary Nelson, owner of Greensburg's Main Street Memories. As the first website dedicated to the history of Greensburg and Westmoreland County, I would like to encourage everyone to explore all that we have to offer. From our large photo collection to our informative history and trivia sections, we have pulled out all the stops to offer our visitors an exceptional look back in time and to relive the history of this great city.


Some sections of this website are still undergoing construction at this time. Please bear with us as we complete these sections. As always, thanks for visiting Greensburg's Main Street Memories.

Mountain View Inn

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The Mountain View Inn, a Westmoreland County landmark for nearly a century, succumbs to the wrecking ball in late December 2009. It is currently being redeveloped into a strip shopping center by a Pittsburgh developer. The inn has hosted many notable figures throughout the years such as Harrison Ford and Tiger Woods. Its antiquity and historical status has made it a well-known fixture of Unity Township for many years.


Video of the demolition of Mountain View Inn.

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Zombie Walk at Monroeville Mall

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Every October, a gathering of zombies fill the halls of the Monroeville Mall in an attempt to break the record for the world's largest gathering of zombies in one location. The Zombie Fest and Walk of the Dead has been held at the mall, original setting for Dawn of the Dead, since 2006.


Pictures taken in October 2009. Click on the following photo to view more pictures.

Mr. P's Restaurant

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Mr. P's Restaurant, located along U.S. Route 30 in the vicinity of Westmoreland Mall, was a popular establishment for local workers and residents for many years. It closed down in Fall 2009 and was demolished shortly thereafter.


Video of the demolition of Mr. P's Restaurant.

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